Tennessee Titans Shaun Smith tackles yoga to lose weight

Monday, August 12, 2013

By Jim Wyatt, The Tennessean

Shaun Smith has heard all the fat man jokes

These days, his Titans teammates also give him grief because they can't imagine a guy his size doing yoga. Well, they should've seen Smith on Tuesday. The 340-pound defensive tackle instructed two classes at Hot Yoga Plus on Elliston Place, where he's been a regular participant this offseason. The guy who's never afraid to make light of himself said hot yoga is no laughing matter. It's helped him lose weight as he heads toward a season when his job might be on the line. "Some people like bowling or bike riding. I like yoga," a sweat-soaked Smith said with a smile. "And it relates to football in the sense that when it is hot on the field you have to play through it. In hot yoga, you have to fight through it, too. I sweat like a dog on the field, and I sweat like a dog here. "Yeah, some guys make fun of me and want me to do poses in the locker room. But that's OK. There's normally a big puddle of sweat around me at the end of a class, but I enjoy it. And it's working." Smith was decked out in orange swim trunks and a white tank top, but this was no day at the beach - not for Smith or his pupils, which included safety Michael Griffin and linebacker Gerald McRath.   Instructions in hand, Smith pushed his students to do poses including the Eagle and the Camel, in addition to the Head to Knee and the Tree. He'd done them all, only as a student. Smith taught the 45-minute classes Tuesday to raise money for his foundation, which benefits at-risk youth.


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