NFL player loses 22lbs thanks to hot yoga

Monday, August 12, 2013

NFL player loses 22lbs thanks to hot yoga - but it's the locker room teasing that really makes him sweat

An NFL player has lost 22lbs through doing hot yoga in the current off-season.

Shaun Smith, the Tennessee Titans' 30-year-old defensive tackle, weighed 362lbs in February which marked the end of the 2011 season. He now weighs 340lbs.

Although he is proud of the weight he shed, he admitted that his teammates make fun of his newly adopted fitness regime - which is also practiced by women.

After: Shaun Smith, the defensive tackle for the NFL's Tennessee Titans, has lost 22lbs through attending hot yoga classes. He currently weighs 340lbs and tweeted the above picture of himself last Friday

Power: Weighing 362lbs in February, the end of the NFL season, he is motivated to lose weight by what he calls a disappointing season overall. He is shown above training for the season in 2011

He is not letting the teasing stop him as he has his sights set firmly on reaching the 330lbs mark before next season. He even tweeted a picture of his new physique while at the beach last week.

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